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  • How do I need to prepare my space for a mural?
    I will be careful and respectful of your space, but it's best if you can move anything breakable or that you don't want paint to get on away from the wall(s). I will bring dropcloths to cover floors and furniture. If the wall is unfinished (is flat drywall, brick, or other material) and needs preparation before painting, I can do this for an additional fee that will be added to the contract.
  • Do I need to be around/available while you are painting?
    This will depend on the situation, but since we will discuss the details of painting before I start, I will not need you to be around while I work. I can work for many hours and also into the night, depending on what in convenient for you. I will be respectuful of your time if you need me out of the area by a certain time.
  • Why should I choose a mural over wall decals?
    A mural can transform a whole room! I can paint on the walls and ceiling to create a whole new environment. Even if you have a limited budget, I can work over a wider area which makes a better effect. Wall decals do not last as long. If your mural gets damaged, or if you want to add something, I can always come back. Murals can be highly personalized! You have to choose from a limited set of options for decals. And pesonalized decals can be as expensive as a mural.
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