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STEP ONE:  Contact me!  Let me know what your idea is for your space.  Send me some pictures of the room and let me know your budget.  I'll start working on some ideas and send you a concept sketch. It is also helpful if you send some pictures to give me an idea of what style you like. 



STEP TWO:  If you like the ideas and would like to move forward, you can place a non-refundable deposit and I will create a concept design in color with Photoshop, and come to visit your location to assess the space.  We can work together to see what design you like best and make revisions accordingly.  The amount of your deposit will be absorbed into your total budget for the project should you continue.  


STEP THREE:  You like the concepts?  Let's move forward!  We will pick a date for me to start painting.  We will sign a contract which outlines the project, the cost, the start date and estimated time it will take.  I will accept a 20% deposit on your project in order to purchase the paints and supplies for your space.I will keep to the budget in the contract unless you decide to add something or substantially change it.  We will discuss your project as it progresses, and can amend the contract as you wish.  

Take clear photos from multiple angles, then I can create a mock-up in Photoshop


^This is an example of a mock-up done in Photoshop


STEP FOUR: Enjoy your beautiful new room!  I require the balance of payment on the day of completion of the project.  


The finished product! 

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